Advocacy and Policy


Global health challenges can not be solved by any one organization alone. The right mix of public sector, private sector, and nongovernmental organizations need to come to the table and identify a path forward that addresses a wide range of political, financial, and social challenges. To create and maintain coalitions that drive progress on health, we:

  • Maintain relationships with an extensive network of key global health stakeholders.
  • Identify specific partners needed to achieve a desired policy change or health outcome.
  • Convene forums that bring partners together.


Being an active voice in the global health community

We regularly lead and participate in roundtables and other groups that bring together key stakeholders to share information and develop aligned strategies for advancing health policy. We led the global immunization community to make a public statement during the US National Vaccine Advisory Committee meetings for US investments in global immunization. Read the public statement >>

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Founding the Global Health Technologies Coalition

We regularly bring together key stakeholders to share information and develop aligned strategies for advancing health policies. We played an integral role in the founding of the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC), a group of more than 25 nonprofit organizations that today is working to support policies and funding that advance the goals of global health research and development. Visit the GHTC website >>


Helping launch a new advocacy coalition on maternal, newborn, and child health in Zambia

In Zambia, PATH played a key role in the recent formation of a coalition of civil society organizations aimed at reducing deaths among mothers, newborns, and children. The Zambia Alliance for Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health, chaired by PATH, seeks to improve policies and increase funding for MNCH in Zambia through advocacy, education, and coordination. Read the blog >>