Advocacy and Policy


When it comes to improving global health, smart policies and robust resources can make all the difference between a promising idea and an accessible health solution. To motivate policymakers to draft policies and sponsor initiatives to strengthen global health, we:

  • Gather evidence through PATH’s technical expertise and partnerships.
  • Package and disseminate evidence to policymakers and influencers.
  • Create momentum among stakeholders on key issues.


Advocating for public-private partnerships to advance global health technologies

We build awareness and understanding among US and European policymakers and stakeholders about the the essential role that public-private partnerships play in driving global health product development and offer insights into the key components of successful multi-sector partnerships led by PATH.  Read the policy report >>

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Protecting global access to lifesaving vaccines

We worked with our partners to ensure that the UN Environment Program mercury treaty language did not restrict access to vaccines containing thiomersal, a critical component of vaccines that helps to prevent at least 1.4 million child deaths annually. Read the fact sheet >>

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Influencing policies to reduce deaths from diarrhea in Cambodia and Vietnam

We developed packages of technical evidence supporting new policy recommendations and more effective treatments for diarrhea, a major cause of child death in Cambodia and Vietnam. Read the case study >>