China Country Program

Creating healthy futures in Asia

In China, we’re joining with diverse partners to improve health

Since 1979, PATH has worked with Chinese government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, and manufacturers to improve health. Our team in China has focused particularly on addressing reproductive health and infectious diseases.

PATH has gained a longstanding reputation for excellence in China due to our programs, partnerships, and, especially, our ability to deliver health services and interventions. We view collaboration as the key to the success and sustainability of every project and delivery as an effective measurement of accomplishment.

We have been active in the country for more than 30 years and opened our office in Beijing in 2003. Our strategy for success includes:

  • Developing and expanding public-private partnership models for health product development that take into account health needs, the best interests of donors, our core competencies, the interests of Chinese public agencies, and synergies with Chinese public and private companies.
  • Identifying opportunities vertically and horizontally to build on this model to meet the multiple health needs of vulnerable populations in and outside of China.
  • Promoting global access and supply of affordable, accessible, and sustainable health products in China, and through China to other low-resource settings.

Banner photo: PATH/Jianzhong Chen.


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