Commercialization Toolkit

6.0 Reporting results

Create a dissemination plan

You may want to take the lessons learned and summarize your findings and results in a report or presentation for your funding source. Oftentimes, this is a requirement of receiving those funds. As you explain the progress you have made to date, refer back to the M&E framework and think about what your results are telling you about your activities, outputs, and objectives. Did you achieve what you set out to accomplish? Ask yourself why and/or why not. The data you collected should help answer those questions.

A dissemination plan is created to share project results and make recommendations for future actions. The dissemination plan identifies key stakeholders and strategies for reaching them. It also includes the types of products and publications that will be used to share the results, the mechanisms for dissemination of products and publications (such as websites, information exchange meetings with stakeholders, among others), and articulates the expertise, budget, and timeline for the planned dissemination activities.

Apply lessons learned

You have accomplished and hopefully learned so much! You have identified the appropriate M&E design for your project, developed an M&E framework, designed an evaluation, and collected and analyzed the data. Now what?

As you move ahead, think about whether your operations and strategy remain aligned to what you noted in your M&E framework. Again, this document should serve as a reference document and provide a clear, logical strategy linking operations to goal. If you decide to change your strategy, think about how you will begin operationalizing that new approach through an updated M&E framework.