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PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA) brings together expertise across every stage of vaccine research, development, and introduction to make lifesaving vaccines globally available to women, children, and communities, particularly in low resource settings. CVIA’s current portfolio encompasses more than two dozen vaccine projects either in development or already in use to protect against 17 different diseases, including enteric and diarrheal diseases, malaria, meningitis, pneumonia, and polio. Find out more »

DefeatDD highlights integrated solutions against pneumonia and diarrhea 

PATH’s DefeatDD team released a new chapter in its Stop the Cycle of Diarrheal Disease: A State of the Field Report on integrated solutions against the two biggest infectious killers of children worldwide: diarrhea and pneumonia. Since these two diseases work together, they can be stopped together. The report also showcases the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan for ending preventable deaths from pneumonia and diarrhea by 2025. Read the report »


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PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library (VRL) seeks to gather the world’s best immunization resources in a single, easy-to-use website. The VRL offers high-quality, scientifically accurate documents and links on specific diseases and topics in immunization. Learn more »

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