Drug Development Global Program


According to the World Health Organization, more than a billion people globally are affected by neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), a class of illnesses that includes parasitic and bacterial infections most commonly found in low-resource communities. Although NTDs have been largely wiped out in high-income countries, they continue to devastate the world’s poorest people. Worldwide, these diseases negatively impact health and well-being and cost emerging economies billions of dollars each year.

Nevertheless, NTDs remain on the margins of international attention, prioritization, and funding. Despite the tremendous number of people affected, private-sector drug developers are reluctant to invest time and money into NTDs, largely due to perceived investment risk and the lack of a strong and established consumer market for NTD-related products.

With deep expertise in NTD research and development, PATH works to bridge the gap by partnering across sectors to develop and advance affordable and effective treatments for common NTDs. This work includes:

  • Advancing tribendimidine (TrBD) as a significantly improved treatment for hookworm infections. With a consortium of partners, PATH is seeking US Food and Drug Administration approval for TrBD with the aim of expanding access in endemic settings. Learn more »
  • Working with partners to develop Cry5B—a powerful, naturally occurring new anthelminthic with the potential to increase effectiveness of existing treatments. Learn more »
  • Expanding the toolbox of medicines for visceral leishmaniasis. We have collaborated with researchers, a manufacturing partner, and local governments to develop and test paromomycin intramuscular injection as a safe and effective new treatment. Learn more »

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