Diagnostic Technologies

Advancing appropriate and accessible
point-of-care diagnostics

Dual detection or ‘biplex’ rapid test for onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis. PATH/A. Golden


New e-learning courses for quality assurance using rapid diagnostics

New ELISA test for malaria

PATH and Precision Antibody create custom antibodies for malaria diagnostics


Catalytic breakthroughs in detecting disease

The first step to treating a disease is knowing what it is. But in many parts of the world, health workers lack the tools to make an accurate diagnosis. Specialized equipment, trained personnel, and safe waste-disposal systems aren’t widely available.

Without diagnostic testing, health care workers have to rely on their evaluation of a patient’s symptoms to diagnose and treat illness—an imperfect method given the similarity of symptoms of many diseases, and because some diseases can be asymptomatic. Further, many health and disease elimination programs rely on population surveillance to determine if interventions are effective—there is a need for robust, easy-to-use, and accurate diagnostic tools that can be used to measure the levels of disease or health conditions across a population.

Affordable, portable, and fast

Fortunately, there is an array of promising new tests in the pipeline—innovative, high-impact, and low-cost diagnostics that are practical in low-resource areas. They deliver results the same day, sometimes in just minutes, and need little or no processing. Some are new takes on established technologies like the home pregnancy test. Others are novel scientific platforms.

PATH is at the forefront of this technology revolution, accelerating the development and evaluation of point-of-care diagnostic tests that make a transformative impact in clinical disease management and population surveillance. We develop, evaluate, and introduce fast, accurate diagnostic technologies to detect a range of diseases, including malaria, neglected tropical diseases, polio, HIV, and non-communicable diseases.

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