Global Health Security Partnership

The Global Health Security Partnership at PATH supports the development of information, education, and communication materials to improve timely surveillance and reporting of diseases that may cause outbreaks. Below are a selection of these materials customized for the country setting.


Memory aid for community-based surveillance. (Senegal–French ) Information on 8 mandatory diseases for community-based reporting.

Surveillance training guide. (Senegal–French) For training health post nurses and community actors on community-based surveillance and reporting.

Village health worker guide to event-based surveillance. (English | Vietnamese) Designed for VHWs to record information and reference reporting standards.

Posters and leaflets

Event-based surveillance poster. (Vietnam–English | Vietnamese ) Designed for use at hospitals to remind health providers of procedures for reporting suspicious health events.

Community-based surveillance leaflet (Vietnam– leaflet: English| Vietnamese) and poster (English | Vietnamese).Targets the general public with information on reporting unusual health events.