HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Global Program

Introducing innovative health technologies and approaches

PATH develops, introduces, and scales up tools to improve diagnosis and treatment

New screening tools, diagnostics, drugs, and approaches are urgently needed to reduce the impact of both HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB). To meet this ever-increasing need, PATH partners with the private sector, academic institutions, and governments to develop, adapt, and introduce these methods where they are needed most.

PATH brings years of extensive implementation experience, field presence, and networks to technology introduction. We believe that country and community involvement are key to sustainable introductions, and we work with stakeholders to prepare health systems to accept and embrace new, improved or underutilized health technologies and innovative approaches. Activities include strategic planning, supply and financing, service delivery, and advocacy and research.

We also support operations research that helps countries decide which technology to introduce, when, and how, and we provide technical assistance for country-level decision-making around product introduction. To improve HIV treatment in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe, for instance, we worked with the ministries of health to provide point-of-care CD4 test machines and training to self-help groups, nurses, and midwives. PATH’s work introducing TB technologies spans the gamut from product development to systems strengthening.

Supporting the introduction of new TB diagnostics in high-burden countries

Effectively detecting multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) and reducing the time it takes to diagnose TB are critical to controlling the TB epidemic. As part of this effort, PATH is working to improve TB diagnostics. These are just a few examples:

  • In China, we validated a range of new TB diagnostics for introduction.
  • We partnered with Hardy Diagnostics to develop a rapid, simple, and low-cost tool called the TB MODS Test Kit™ that diagnoses TB and resistance to first-line antibiotic therapies.
  • In Tanzania and the DRC, we implemented a comprehensive health system strengthening approach to introduce the rapid, DNA-based GeneXpert® diagnostic system for MDR-TB.
  • At the international level, we co-developed the WHO-endorsed MDR-TB Toolkit, which helps national TB programs strengthen their response to the growing threat of MDR-TB.

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