Digital Health Solutions

What we believe

Country ownership. Countries have primary ownership and responsibility for establishing good governance and for providing effective and high-quality health services for all. Our role is to support them to reach their goals.

Country capacity development. PATH has a responsibility to help develop the next generation of information and communication technology (ICT)leaders. We will be successful when all the ICT talent needed to identify, build, and implement software solutions already exists in a country.

Inter-operability. Strong health information systems are part of a broader eHealth and national infrastructure. Any information solutions work we support will be closely coordinated with existing information system dependencies.

Innovation. The full potential of health services delivery requires new thinking around old problems, whether that comes from new technology solutions, new business models, or process improvements.

Sustainability.  Every project we undertake must consider what happens when the donor funding ends.

Scalability.  Every project we undertake must consider the technical and financial considerations to scale beyond the country.

Strategic reuse. We will organize to extract reusable components from appropriate projects and build new, shared components and platforms as required.

Openness. We are committed to openness and will include promotion and use of open architecture, industry-based standards, and transparent, shared processes and methodologies, and openly share requirements and other technology knowledge components developed under creative commons.

These principles form the foundation for PATH’s approach to digital health solutions globally and are consistent with the Greentree Consensus created with input from more than 300 NGOs and endorsed by key donors.