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Improving immunization data and coverage

A baby receives a vaccination in Kenya

Photo: PATH.


PATH works with stakeholders at the district, national, and global level to define requirements and identify appropriate solutions for information management systems that can improve vaccine delivery and immunization coverage through improved collection, reporting, and usage of data.

Related projects

  • Better Immunization Data Initiative: Grounded in the belief that routine immunizations and new vaccine introductions are two of the best investments to improve health around the globe, the Better Immunization Data (BID) Initiative will support low-resource African countries interested in improving their information system products, policies, and practices around data quality, collection, and use. The BID Initiative is one of the first and largest data management projects of its kind, bringing together on-the-ground knowledge of immunization programs with a focus on digital health and data quality and use issues. It recognizes that to improve immunization management, information technology is only part of the solution—and that it may not always be the right solution for all levels of the health system. The BID Initiative will invest in supporting existing and new national health information systems and help address the operational challenges health workers face in delivering immunization services. To learn more, click here.
  • Increasing Immunization Coverage in Ghana through the Identification of eHealth Services that Transform Service Delivery: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation asked PATH to develop a strategic review of information technologies that, if deployed, could have a transformative impact on health outcomes especially immunization coverage rates. Through this project, PATH defined requirements for global and Ghana-specific immunization information systems, provided recommendations on which mobile health (mHealth)-enabled process levers will produce what outcomes, and analyzed how mHealth technologies and tools can be implemented to “move the dial” or transform immunization coverage in Ghana and beyond. This project was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Planning an Information Systems Project: a Toolkit for Public Health Managers. Based on extensive research and demonstration projects in Albania, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Tunisia, PATH and WHO through Project Optimize have collected their combined knowledge on what it takes to create and sustain information systems and assembled it into a toolkit for organizations interested in embarking on digital systems: Planning an Information Systems Project: A Toolkit for Public Health Managers (2,136 KB).
  • Immunization Information System in Albania: Starting in 2011, the Albanian Ministry of Health worked with PATH and WHO through Project Optimize to develop a registry-based computerized immunization information system (IIS) and piloted this system in Shkoder district. The system greatly simplifies immunization reporting and monthly planning, which formerly required nurses to record each vaccination in up to six forms and registers. It has also made records more accurate, timely, and transparent, which allows health workers and managers to better understand which children are not being immunized and why. IIS also manages the stock of vaccines and consumables, which allows the Institute for Public Health to monitor the expiry date, distribution, and usage of ever more expensive vaccines. By linking the vaccine lots to the individual child records, lots can be traced through the stores and eventually to any children who have received a dose from a particular lot. The system has been presented to other interested countries in the region, and other districts in Albania are now currently evaluating their readiness to implement IIS. For more information and resources about Project Optimize, click here.
  • Immunization Registry in Vietnam: In 2011, Vietnam’s National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology began working with PATH and WHO through Project Optimize to demonstrate the benefits of using computer and mobile phone technology to record immunization registry data, track individual children due for immunization, and record vaccinations. The demonstration was carried out in Mo Cay Nam district (Ben Tre Province) and has provided much insight into how an information system might benefit immunization and, in fact, the broader health system going forward. Currently, the system is being adopted in the eight additional districts in Ben Tre Province. For more information and resources about Project Optimize, click here.
  • Supporting Immunization Data Flow: Growth in the pace of new vaccine introductions and increased data monitoring requirements has exceeded the capacity of existing tools and processes. In partnership with the WHO, PATH is supporting the development of an integrated dashboard and supporting tools to combine and analyze immunization-related data collected by the WHO, UNICEF Supply Division, and Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). For more information about the data repository created through this project, click here. This project was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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