Kenya Country Program

Key learnings in health care waste management

The Kenya Health Care Waste Management Project (HCWM) is a national effort that supports the establishment of safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable medical waste management systems to deal with hazardous health waste and prevent biomedical transmission of HIV and other blood-borne pathogens. Our approach is three-pronged: 1) strengthen the health care waste management system, 2) increase capacity in procurement and commodity management systems, and 3) encourage healthy behavior among health workers and the community to reduce unnecessary use of injections and promote safe disposal of medical wastes.

PATH’s HCWM work in Kenya is supported by the five-year project—Support for the Establishment and Sustainability of Medical Waste Management Systems in the Republic of Kenya under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Cooperative Agreement Number U2GPS002984 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our  partners included the Ministry of Health, ET Log Health and many other organizations in Kenya. The project ends in September 2015.

The following publications help illustrate our work in Kenya to strengthen the healthcare waste management systems.

Guide for Training Health Workers in Health Care Waste Management

This training guide is a comprehensive set of materials for training facility managers, health workers, and waste handlers in the safe and effective management of health care waste. This guide was developed by trainers and health workers in Kenya to address the needs at all facility levels.

An Orientation Guide for Health Workers in Health Care Waste Management

This guide is a summary of key steps to improve health care waste management in health facilities. It is designed to be used as tool for helping to orient new staff in the health facilities and support on the job training efforts.

Health Care Waste Management Strategic Plan 2015-2020

This document is a five-year plan that outlines the strategy for improving health care waste management in Kenya through 2020. Included are both broad strategies and detailed steps that can be taken to move to more effective management of health care waste in Kenya.