PATH's Malaria Control Program

Developing innovative solutions to make malaria history

PATH is a leader in the battle to control and eliminate malaria nationally, regionally, and ultimately to eradicate it worldwide. With our unparalleled portfolio of malaria projects, we are partnering with countries and organizations around the world to make malaria history.

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The PATH Center for Malaria Control and Elimination (CMCE) works across PATH’s malaria portfolio to align expertise and partnerships with the aim of accelerating the development of strategies and tools for elimination. All our work is intended to empower national governments to pursue the goal of eliminating malaria transmission once and for all.

PATH’s malaria portfolio works across the following platforms:


PATH, in collaboration with public and private sector partners, is pioneering the use of diagnostics for malaria elimination. We are improving access to available tests while advancing the development of new ones that support improved case management. PATH and its partners are also working to detect low levels of malaria infection that might otherwise be missed.


PATH’s pipeline of vaccine candidates and approaches, under development with partners from across the globe, is one of the most robust in the world. It includes candidates that would prevent infection and those that attempt to block transmission of the malaria parasite from humans to mosquitoes and back again


PATH is working to improve malaria treatment so that no one who contracts the disease dies from it. We are ensuring a stable supply of malaria drugs and strengthening the existing supply. We are also strengthening health systems and improving the quality of malaria case management in Africa and the Mekong Region.

System and service innovation

To develop the science behind how to eliminate malaria in Africa, we are piloting new strategies with the goal of developing a package of approaches that are adoptable and adaptable across the region. These include strategies to stop the transmission of the malaria parasite from humans to mosquitoes and back again through community wide treatment. We are collaborating closely with endemic countries to create malaria-free zones, the first step on the path to elimination.

Through all of our work to advance innovation in strategies, tools, and partnerships and financing, PATH is helping to achieve a malaria-free world.

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