Market Dynamics

Strengthening markets to meet critical health needs

PATH’s capabilities in market dynamics

PATH works to strengthen markets and advance products across the value chain. Some projects improve markets globally, and some focus on specific countries. PATH’s market dynamics efforts address the five A’s of an effectively functioning market for a health product: affordability, availability, assured quality, appropriate design, and awareness.

Icons and the 5As framework were adapted from Healthy Markets for Global Health: A Market Shaping Primer, USAID, 2014.*

We work to understand markets and their actors, identify root causes of market failures, and develop and implement market strengthening strategies. To understand markets, we conduct market research, market sizing, impact modeling, demand forecasting, and distribution channel analysis. We also engage manufacturers and national and international authorities and conduct supply forecasting and cost-of-goods assessments. The results of these analyses allow us to determine the root causes of market failures and develop strategies to overcome them.


*USAID. Healthy Markets for Global Health: A Market Shaping Primer. USAID; 2014. Available at