Market Dynamics

The need for greater access to products

Every day, thousands of deaths could be prevented with better access to existing, low-cost health products and services. For example, about 16,000 children under five die each day, mostly from diseases and conditions that can be easily prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable products and services. More than 800 women die daily from complications of pregnancy and childbirth that can be readily prevented or managed with inexpensive maternal health products.

Lack of access to health products is often a result of market failures—that is, limited or inconsistent product availability, products of poor or unverified quality, or products that are inappropriately designed or unaffordable. The term market dynamics refers to a set of skills and approaches used to evaluate markets and market functioning and then achieve consistent, sustainable access to affordable, quality-assured products by catalyzing interventions that reduce long-term demand and supply imbalances.