Market Dynamics

Unique qualifications

Since the organization’s inception in 1977, PATH has been widely recognized for developing and introducing cost-effective and lifesaving technologies in low-resource settings. These have included vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, and devices. PATH’s experience advancing innovations is unparalleled among its peers and affords our market dynamics efforts insights into product development and accessibility.

PATH also has a long history of successfully collaborating with commercial product developers, manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and procurement agencies. Many programs throughout PATH’s history have focused not just on product development, but also on developing stronger, sustainable markets for key global health products. Two examples of PATH’s legacy in market strengthening relate to the Japanese encephalitis vaccine and safe water products. (More information on those success stories can be accessed by clicking on the links below.) 


PATH’s market dynamics efforts build on the rich history of market-related work and the lessons learned across programs and projects. In addition, PATH’s global networks, public health and advocacy expertise, and on-the-ground presence in more than 20 countries all contribute knowledge, perspective, and broad context to our work.