Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Global Program

A better future for families everywhere

PATH’s innovative work aims to save lives and improve health for mothers and their children

For more than 30 years, PATH has worked to improve maternal and child health and nutrition in developing countries. We apply proven approaches and develop innovative technologies to address the leading causes of maternal and child deaths and enhance nutrition for mothers and their children. PATH’s integrated approach focuses on serving some of the hardest-to-reach populations with affordable, appropriate, and sustainable solutions for improved health.

Child wearing a blue shirt holding an infant wearing a pink shirt and red pants.
Photo: PATH/Teresa Guillien.

Program Updates

NEEP Highlight: Nutrition Improvement Program at Cameroon Baptist Convention

NEEP Global Meeting

20 Grantees Are Evaluating Nutrition Interventions through NEEP

PATH/MCSP launches ECEB curriculum in Latin America and the Caribbean

Launch of the Regional Virtual Collaborative Project to Reduce Hospital Acquired Newborn Infections

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