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PATH’s Strategic Prioritization Tool

About the assessment tool

As part of a maternal health technology assessment project, PATH created an Excel-based Strategic Prioritization Tool (SPT) to assess and prioritize nearly 40 technologies that address postpartum hemorrhage and preeclampsia/eclampsia for their potential to have impact in low-resource settings. The tool—which relies largely on information that can be collected from secondary data sources—scores evaluation criteria, each representing a discrete element of the technology’s value proposition and overall potential for impact.

This new tool provides a systematic approach to assess investment opportunities for novel technologies to reduce maternal mortality. Technologies that score well using this methodology could have a strong value proposition and substantial potential for high impact. They warrant further investigation and, potentially, additional investment to realize their promise for significantly reducing maternal mortality.

We hope this tool can aid global efforts to advance technologies with the greatest potential to save women’s lives.

Tool resources

Strategic Prioritization Tool (4 MB Excel file)

Tool_screenshotThis Excel-based tool provides a systematic approach to assess technologies and includes a data input page, a scoring page, a stoplight view, and several dashboard views to facilitate decision making.

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User instruction guide (3 MB PDF)

User Instructions_screenshotThis document gives step-by-step instructions for using the Strategic Prioritization Tool to assess maternal health technologies. It also explains the scoring methodology.

Scoring definitions for assessment tool (2 MB PDF)

Definitions for Assessment Tool_screenshotThis document provides the definitions and information necessary to score each of the criteria in the Strategic Prioritization Tool.

Data collection worksheet (29 KB Excel file)

Data collection form_screenshotThis Excel-based data collection worksheet is a resource that can be used simultaneously with the scoring definitions to document information.

More information

For more information or if you have questions about the tool, email with the subject line “strategic prioritization tool”.
Funding for this technology assessment project was provided by Merck. 

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