Oxygen therapy for newborn, child, and maternal health

Oxygen is essential: a policy and advocacy primer

This primer helps advocates and decision-makers understand the need for strengthening oxygen delivery systems and how it can be done—even with limited resources. It provides materials intended to help advocates and decision-makers understand the planning, policies, and technologies involved in oxygen delivery scale-up. It showcases a successful example of oxygen policy planning from Ethiopia, and provides guiding questions for decision-makers considering a national or subnational scale-up effort of their own. A messaging map, including a compilation of key messages, provides the most effective talking points about the need for oxygen and how to increase access to this essential treatment.

Who is this primer for?

Advocates: Anyone aiming to increase access to oxygen delivery systems by influencing decision-makers to act in support of this goal. Advocates can include civil society representatives, technical experts, academia, community members, religious and community leaders, and members of the media, among others. Decision-makers are also important advocates.

Decision-makers: People with the authority to make improved access to oxygen delivery systems a reality through supportive policymaking and implementation—including funding, regulations, and laws. This might include officials from the ministry of health or finance, parliamentarians, regional health leaders, or district health committee members, among others.

Primer materials

Oxygen Is Essential: A Policy and Advocacy Primer – Entire document

Table of contents:

  • Oxygen Is Essential: An Issue Brief
    • What is oxygen therapy, and why access to oxygen delivery systems is important. Go to the resource.
  • Oxygen Is Essential: A Policy Brief
    • Strategies, benefits, and challenges for integration of oxygen delivery into existing policies and programs. Go to the resource.
  • Global Guidelines for Shaping National Oxygen Policy
    • Synthesis of the latest global normative guidelines for safe oxygen therapy requirements and use. Go to the resource.
  • Oxygen Technologies and Supplies
    • Review of the various oxygen technologies and supplies needed to delivery and monitor oxygen therapy in health facilities. Go to the resource.
  • Guiding Questions for Oxygen Scale-up
    • Eight essential questions to help decision-makers lay the foundation for national and subnational oxygen scale-up strategy. Go to the resource.
  • Mapping a Future for Oxygen Access for All: Ethiopia’s Experience
    • A case study of Ethiopia’s experience developing and implementing an oxygen scale-up road map. Go to the resource.
  • Oxygen Messaging Map
    • Key messages to help advocates clearly communicate the problem and locally-relevant solutions to civic and government leaders, policymakers, and other stakeholders. Go to the resource.

Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback on the primer to advocacyandpolicy@path.org.