Reproductive Health Global Program

How to Introduce and Scale Up Subcutaneous DMPA (Sayana Press)

Practical guidance from PATH based on lessons learned during pilot introduction

This document was created to support ministry of health and nongovernmental implementing partners as they develop strategies and activities to introduce and scale up subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC, brand name Sayana® Press) in the hopes of expanding the contraceptive method mix and increasing access. The publication provides practical guidance based on results, evidence, and learning from the pilot introductions of subcutaneous DMPA in four countries in Africa.

The guide is modular and can be accessed one section at a time or in its entirety. Each section describes PATH’s experience during the pilot introductions and includes results, introduction tips and lessons learned, case studies, recommendations, and practical resources. This is an introduction planning resource most applicable to countries that have already decided to introduce Sayana Press; the guide does not cover the decision-making process itself.

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Individual sections

1. Overview

2. Background

3. Stakeholder engagement and coordination

4. Planning the country introduction strategy

5. Registration

6. Quantification and procurement

7. Training and supervising providers

8. Generating demand

9. Product distribution

10. Monitoring and evaluation

11. Moving from introduction to scale


Document complet

Comment introduire Sayana Press (DMPA-SC en Uniject) et passer à l’échelle : Guide pratique de PATH, d’après les enseignements tirés de l’introduction pilote Seattle

3. Engagement des parties prenantes et coordination

4. Planifier la stratégie d’introduction

5. Enregistrement

6. Quantification et achat

7. Formation et suivi des prestataires

8. Générer la demande

9. Distribution

10. Suivi et évaluation

11. De l’introduction au passage à l’échelle