Technologies for Reproductive Health

Technologies for reproductive health

Empowering couples with new solutions for contraception and STI/HIV prevention

Millions of women in developing countries experience dire health consequences because existing contraceptive and HIV-prevention options may not be acceptable, affordable, or accessible.

The reproductive health technologies team at PATH is working to address this gap. We work hand in hand with users and research partners to develop and refine technologies that are culturally appropriate and designed with women’s realities in mind. We collaborate with diverse public- and private-sector partners to introduce and develop markets for these new technologies. We endeavor to create a world where women and men have increased choice and access to protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

PATH is expanding protection options that speak directly to needs and circumstances of diverse individuals: those who need nonhormonal contraception, those who seek dual protection from HIV/STIs and pregnancy, those who want discreet protection, and those who prefer methods that can be used without seeing a health care provider. We are currently making this a reality through development and delivery of several technologies including the Woman’s Condom, the SILCS Diaphragm, microbicide applicators, and injectable contraceptives in the Uniject™ injection system.

 Woman’s Condom

Hand holding the Woman's Condom

Photo: PATH/Glenn Austin.

The Woman’s Condom is a new female condom designed to provide protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections while offering ease of use, acceptability, and good sensation. Read more >>



SILCS Diaphragm

SILCS Diaphragm with green background

Photo: PATH/Mike Wang.

The SILCS Diaphragm is a single-size, reusable contraceptive designed to address many of the issues that have limited provision and uptake of traditional diaphragms. Read more >>




 Microbicide delivery devices

Model microbicide gel tube with plastic and paper applicators

Photo: PATH/Patrick McKern.


PATH is currently advancing several novel microbicide delivery methods to help reduce cost, ensure microbicide efficacy, and increase user acceptability. Read more >>



Injectable contraception in Uniject™

Hand holding Uniject device

Photo credit: PATH/Patrick McKern.

Sayana® Press, a new formulation and presentation of Depro-Provera® that is delivered in the Uniject™ injection system, holds promise to improve women’s access to injectable contraceptives. Read more >>



In addition, PATH is always exploring and assessing new concepts and technologies in early stage development. We have recently assessed emergency contraception as pericoital contraceptive and fast-dissolving vaginal tablets for delivery of microbicides.