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Woman’s Condom and SILCS Diaphragm


The Woman’s Condom

Current status: The Woman’s Condom is in early introduction. PATH and partners in multiple countries are assessing market opportunities and working toward introduction, with an initial focus on China (marketed as marketed as O’Lavie™) and sub-Saharan Africa (marketed as V brand). Read more about the Woman’s Condom:

The SILCS Diaphragm

Current status: The SILCS Diaphragm received regulatory approval in Europe and Canada in 2013, and is being marketed as the Caya™ contoured diaphragm. The USFDA cleared the Caya diaphragm for marketing in August 2014; a the product was launched in the U.S. in June, 2015. PATH is working with partners in developing countries to bring the diaphragm to developing-country markets. Read more about the SILCS Diaphragm: