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SILCS Diaphragm Commercial Partner

Kessel medintim GmbH

Kessel medintim GmbH (Kessel), headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, is an ISO 13485-certificated manufacturer and distributor of medical devices and other products related to contraception and sexual health. Kessel was founded in 1987 and distributes products in 25 countries, primarily in Europe and the Middle East. The company is led by CEO Martin Kessel, who has 32 years of experience selling contraceptive and sexual health products.

Packaging for the Caya contoured diaphragm

Kessel will market the single-size diaphragm under the brand name CayaTM contoured diaphragm. Image: Kessel.

In 2010, PATH licensed the SILCS Diaphragm design to Kessel to manufacture and distribute. SILCS achieved CE Marking in March 2013, and has since launched in many European countries and Canada. Regulatory applications for the US Food and Drug Administration are under way. Kessel is marketing the single-size diaphragm under the brand name CayaTM* contoured diaphragm. Kessel manufactures Contragel® a lactic acid-based contraceptive gel that has the CE mark which allows for sale in Europe for use with cervical barriers including diaphragms. For use with the CayaTM contoured diaphragm, Contragel® will be marketed as CayaTM gel. Kessel has created a set of educational and marketing materials to accompany the CayaTM contoured diaphragm such as an instructional DVD and pelvic model.


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*Caya is a registered trademark of Kessel medintim GmbH, in Germany.