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Woman’s Condom features

Comfortable and confident protection for women and men

Female condoms are a valuable option for dual protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Female condoms are sheaths that fit inside a woman’s vagina and have features that many individuals find appealing. In addition, they provide women with a tool to discuss and practice safer sex if their partners cannot or will not use male condoms.

Woman’s Condom features

Illustration of the components of the Woman's Condom

Components of the Woman’s Condom. Image: PATH.

The user-centered design process resulted in a product with unique design features that allow for ease of use, improved acceptability, and good sensation for both partners.

The Woman’s Condom consists of a thin pouch, ring, and dissolving capsule that encloses four foam shapes. All parts of the Woman’s Condom are made of medical-grade material that is safe and has been used in medical products for years. The product is for one-time use only.

The Woman’s Condom does not come with lubricant already applied. A small sachet of water-based lubricant is supplied with the condom to be applied at point of use. This lets women and couples use the amount of lubricant that is right for them.

Several features described below distinguish the Woman’s Condom from other female condom designs:

  • Pouch made of thin polyurethane film.
  • Provides good sensation and comfort.
  • Loose fit allows good heat transfer offering greater pleasure.
Dissolving capsule
  • Dissolving capsule made of polyvinyl alcohol.
  • Capsule contains condom pouch and helps make handling and insertion easier.
  • Once inserted in the vagina, the capsule dissolves quickly. As the capsule dissolves, the pouch gently unfolds in the vagina.
  • Dissolved capsule leaves the woman’s body naturally in her vaginal secretions after use.
Foam shapes
  • Foam shapes made of polyurethane foam.
  • Four small foam shapes attached to the condom pouch where it contacts vaginal wall.
  • Cling lightly to the vaginal wall, helping ensure stability.
  • Soft, flexible ring made of polyurethane.
  • Keeps the condom in place and gently hugs the body, providing comfortable coverage of external genitals.
  • The Woman’s Condom is packaged unlubricated and is supplied with a small packet of water-based lubricant.
  • Couples can use the amount of lubricant they like.