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Female condom advocacy

Creating an enabling environment for programming

Advocates on Global Female Condom Day 2013

Advocates in South Africa write supportive messages about female condoms in recognition of Global Female Condom Day 2013. Photo: PATH/Vivienne Naidoo.

The case for female condoms is compelling. Female condoms provide much-needed dual protection from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They empower women with a tool to initiate safer sex. New types of female condoms—like the Woman’s Condom—are coming to market and expanding couples’ choices. Female condoms are cost-effective when offered as part of a well-planned prevention program. They help advance progress in meeting international health goals, including several of the Millennium Development Goals and the International Conference on Population and Development.

Despite the role female condoms play in improving reproductive health and advancing human rights, the method is not widely available or accessible to those in need. Awareness and knowledge of the method is low among potential users and policymakers. Investment to support large-scale training, programming, and distribution has not been sufficient to meet growing demand.

Advocacy to improve availability and access

PATH is advocating at the international and national levels to improve availability and accessibility of female condoms. We are building support among decision-makers in a number of ways:

Take action today

There are many ways that you can join us in advocacy to expand protection options for women.

  • Receive the Woman’s Condom news blast. These periodic emails provide updates on the Woman’s Condom project, key events and female condom resources, and opportunities to take action. Sign up today.Film Screening Toolkit_PATH
  • Host your own “Female Condoms Are” film screening. Raise awareness and increase support for female condom programming in your community. Download our film screening toolkit for everything you need to host your own event.
  • Share your thoughts, stories, and feedback. We want to hear from you! Whether you have creative advocacy ideas, stories about what female condoms mean to you, or questions about new products like the Woman’s Condom, send us an email.

Female condom advocacy and awareness-raising initiatives

Please visit these websites for more information and resources about female condom advocacy and awareness raising.

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