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Woman’s Condom research

User-tested and clinically proven

Rigorous research has been conducted with the Woman’s Condom to support product development, to evaluate and validate the product’s safety, performance, and acceptability and to inform market introduction.

Our product development process began with formative research by PATH and research partners in several countries to hear directly from women and men what they wanted in an improved female condom design. We followed this up by working with user-evaluation sites in four countries to evaluate and refine the design, ensuring our product development was grounded in the context of women’s lives in diverse regions.

Since moving out of the product development phase, the Woman’s Condom has been evaluated among women and couples for acceptability, performance, and safety in clinical trials across five countries. These studies have found that the Woman’s Condom is safe, acceptable, easy to use, and that it performs well when compared to other female condom products. In comparative studies, some women have reported preferring the Woman’s Condom over other female condom products because it is easy to use. Additional clinical studies are in process, including a contraceptive effectiveness study. These studies will provide additional data on acceptability, performance, safety, and effectiveness to support regulatory applications.

We have engaged in qualitative assessments and market research to inform product introduction. Qualitative research among potential user groups is an important first step when working toward Woman’s Condom introduction in new countries. It helps shed light on the broader social and cultural context and gives us a better understanding of issues like what words are used to describe sex, who has control over sexual decision-making, and prevalent attitudes towards condoms. This information is critical in laying the foundation for further clinical research and introduction activities.

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