PATH's work in Senegal

Our community empowerment work in Senegal

Impact evaluation of Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program

PATH is leading a four-year longitudinal impact evaluation of Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP), in collaboration with local research agency Centre de Recherche et Développement Humain. The study is funded by an anonymous donor and will include double baseline and endline data collection rounds from a random sample of 55 intervention villages in the Tambacounda region in the department of Goudiry of northeast Senegal.

Tostan’s program includes elements of life skills and health and human rights education, as well as a newly integrated module focusing on gender. The program uses participatory, skill-building, and community-engagement activities to promote human rights and positive health behaviors. PATH’s evaluation will measure the impact of the program on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to gender-based and interpersonal violence. The study is designed to assess changes in individual and social attitudes and norms, identify what has been most successful, and make recommendations for future action.

As part of the overall assessment, we will analyze the resources and costs used to implement the intervention and assess financial affordability and sustainability.

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