South Africa Country Program

Improving the health and well being of all South Africans

South Africa boasts a wealth of human and natural resources and has worked hard to improve the health and development of its citizens. However, the country still faces high levels of largely avoidable maternal and child deaths, persistent rates of HIV and TB infections, and challenges within its healthcare system.

PATH has worked in partnership with all South Africans since 2005 to help to overcome these challenges and improve the health and well-being of especially the most vulnerable. We currently have offices in four provinces across the country – Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Northern Cape.

Improving the lives of mothers and young children

Play area at community breastfeeding awareness event

Play area at community breastfeeding awareness event (Photo: PATH)

Improving the health and development of pregnant mothers and children up to the age of two significantly benefits the long-term physical, cognitive, and emotional health and development of children. The Window of Opportunity (WinOp) project focuses on integrating maternal and child health programs with early childhood development interventions to positively impact this critical period.

Read the WinOp fact sheet.

PATH also supports and advocates for the establishment and promotion of human milk banks (HMBs) across the country, including a smart phone device that monitors pasteurization. These efforts are helping to ensure that all infants, regardless of circumstances, have access to breast milk that will provide them with the essential nutrients needed to ensure optimal health, growth, and development.

Read the article on the launch of the upgraded HMB in uThungulu District.

Improving sexual and reproductive health

V CondomPATH has developed and is promoting a new, second-generation female condom designed to be easy to use and provide good sensation for both partners. The V Condom, developed with feedback from women, men, and providers in four countries in the region, offers a new option for women and men interested in family planning and protection from HIV.

Combating HIV and TB

To ensure children receive the best quality of services, the psycho-social well being and child protection skills of the community caregivers looking after them need to be of the highest standard. The Thogomelo Project developed and piloted the first accredited training for community caregivers in South Africa to improve the quality of care provided to vulnerable children.

PATH has also joined a public private partnership to implement an HIV wellness and anti-stigma project aimed at integrating HIV & Wellness into small and micro business enterprises (SMMEs), and mitigating the stigma experienced by men who have sex with men living with HIV (MSMLHIV).

Developing new technologies for health

GHAI launch (Photo: SAMRC)

GHAI launch (Photo: SAMRC)

PATH and the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) are working to accelerate access to the most promising technology innovations for resource-limited communities, specifically for the most vulnerable women and children. The Global Health Innovation Accelerator (GHIA) builds the capacity of technology developers, manufacturers, distributors, and delivery platforms in South Africa by enabling partnerships that bring together the relevant expertise, funding and networks required for innovation, scale and impact.

Read the GHIA fact sheet.

Banner photo: PATH/Wendy Stone.