Technology Solutions Global Program

Our approach, partnerships, and areas of expertise

Our approach

The Technology Solutions Global Program relies on an integrated team approach that includes public health experts, technology developers, and business and commercialization strategists skilled in product marketability and distribution. By working across a broad portfolio of technology-focus areas, we leverage talent, infrastructure services, and experience—allowing new projects to draw from our experience and critical skills to get up and run quickly.

Once we have identified a health need or problem that might be addressed by a technology solution, our first step is to canvas existing technologies that might already exist but are not currently affordable, accessible, or appropriate for low-resource settings. Our aim is to adapt or scale up existing tools first. If an appropriate technology solution does not exist, our scientists and product designers create them in our product development shop or biotechnology laboratory and then license the technology to collaborators who can scale up production and distribution.

To advance solutions that truly respond to user needs, we work closely with users at every phase of the development process, incorporating their feedback in the design of the products. Later in the product development process, we take prototypes to the field to be tested by the eventual users. Our longstanding in-country presence, relationships with governments, and network of technology collaborators enable us to obtain the input we need to ensure that health products are appropriate for users and locations.

Our partnerships

Technology Solutions acts as a bridging agent between the public and commercial sectors, creating public-private partnerships to solve neglected health problems. Through our expertise, leadership, and technical and commercial resources, PATH helps reduce business risks to encourage critical private-sector investment in new technologies. Our work with dozens of private-sector partners has created pathways linking developing countries’ public health needs and industrialized-world manufacturers’ capabilities. Our business development experience has been imperative to encouraging capacity of local manufacturers in developing countries, who are in turn, becoming more capable and quality-conscious.

Our areas of expertise

Our team has extensive experience designing and implementing technology-based projects for low-resource settings. Low-resource settings require technologies to withstand difficult environmental conditions while remaining effective, appropriate, and low-cost. For more than three decades we have developed and refined successful methods and approaches to advance such products, overcoming barriers to the development, uptake, and scale-up of technologies.

To meet these challenges, staff within the Technology Solutions Global Program exhibit an array of multidisciplinary skills, including expertise in product design and development, engineering, chemistry, prototype modeling, testing, biotechnology and technical coordination, paired with business development, marketing, international public health, health economics, and nutrition, as well as administrative and management support.

Our staff are experts in each stage of the product development pipeline—from the initial assessment to successful product integration. From the earliest stages of product research and development, we base our designs on thorough needs assessments and the technology’s potential for health impact. Our systems approach allows us to strategically identify and address barriers that could hinder the technology’s introduction and use. By bringing the right networks of people, knowledge, and systems together, we integrate each technology solution in an effective, sustainable way.

While PATH works with many commercial partners, we also have an extensive history of collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We are involved in task forces, international forums, and committees on multiple technology-related topics. Through our expertise and impact, PATH has built a reputation as a global leader in the development of health technologies for use in low-resource settings.