Vaccine Access and Delivery Global Program

Bringing vaccines to those who need them most

Each year, more than 100 million children receive vaccinations that protect them from diseases like polio, measles, and hepatitis B. Still, 24 million children annually go without these basic vaccinations, and children in poorer countries often lack access to newer and more expensive vaccines. In fact, it can take 15 to 20 years for a vaccine introduced in wealthy countries to become available in the developing world.

PATH’s Vaccine Access and Delivery global program is working to close the gaps in access to lifesaving vaccines. Our mission is to save lives and promote well-being through innovations that ensure equitable access, sustainable delivery, and optimal performance of vaccines. In order to achieve this mission we take a holistic approach, collaborating closely with country and global partners on the following:

  • Generating key data to inform global and country decisions on vaccines.
  • Empowering countries to access and deliver vaccines for all.
  • Ensuring vaccine schedules, practices, and policies are optimized for country needs, context and environment.
  • Generating demand for, ensuring confidence in, and communicating the value of vaccines.
  • Shaping global strategies, priorities, policies, and funding for vaccines.

Banner photo: PATH/Robin Biellik.

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