Vaccine Access and Delivery Global Program

The Better Immunization Data Initiative

Accessing, Analyzing and Acting Upon Accurate Immunization Data – Anytime, Anywhere in Africa

The Better Immunization Data Initiative, or the BID Initiative, is grounded in the belief that better data, plus better decisions will lead to better health outcomes. Its vision is to empower countries to enhance immunization and overall health service delivery through improved data collection, quality, and use.

The Problem

Routine immunizations and new vaccine introductions have proven to be one of the best investments to improving people’s health around the globe. However, global stakeholders and national governments quietly acknowledge that there are still strong challenges related to data quality, yet few can identify which problems matter most, and where to best focus solutions. Without reliable, easy-to-access, and actionable data on the barriers impeding immunizations, coupled with trained data managers, all stakeholders interested in improving immunization coverage are working with limited and often anecdotal data that may not correlate with the actual issues.

The BID Initiative’s Approach


The BID Initiative is designed to shine a light on the challenges surrounding data collection, quality, and use, and will identify practical, country-owned, country-led solutions in immunization that could spread to other health interventions. We will partner with countries and global health stakeholders from the outset to develop and deploy a holistic and scalable approach that focuses on information system products, data management policies, and the practices of people that use them in order to enable evidence-based decision making. These components will be packaged into a replicable solution that can be easily and cost-effectively adapted by additional countries interested in using it to improve their immunization management.

If we are successful, a true tipping point will occur—one in which countries can access, analyze and act upon accurate immunization data—anytime, anywhere, resulting in improved immunization outcomes.

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