Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Delivery Technologies

Novel tools and methods for bringing vaccine and pharmaceutical products within reach

This site highlights PATH’s work to develop, evaluate, and advance technologies as well as user aids that make it easier to safely and effectively deliver vaccines and essential medicines in developing countries.

Our scope of work in vaccine and pharmaceutical delivery technologies ranges from technologies that shield or eliminate needles to low-cost primary container and packaging options that reduce product volume and sharps waste. We are also exploring novel delivery routes and methods that increase user acceptability, minimize logistical burdens, and improve vaccine and drug efficacy.

Study results confirm safety and effectiveness of needle-free jet injectors

New BCG journal article

Findings from a recent clinical trial comparing bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccination via a needle-free, disposable-syringe jet injector (DSJI) to the conventional needle and syringe method (NS Mantoux) show that DSJI administration is as safe and immunogenic for tuberculosis as NS Mantoux. Read the journal article »

News and highlights

JOURNAL ARTICLE: Insights from key opinion leaders on the opportunities and challenges with self-administration of influenza vaccine via a microneedle patch »

IN THE NEWS: PBS NewsHour highlights the development, advancement, and public health impact of the Uniject injection system »

JOURNAL ARTICLEKey lessons from a recent assessment of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine delivery via a disposable-syringe jet injector »

PRESS RELEASE: Novel oxytocin tablet wins grant for first-of-its-kind clinical study »


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Banner photos, from left: PATH/Patrick McKern; PATH; PATH/Gabe Bienczycki. Journal photo: PATH/Wendy Stone.

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