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This site highlights PATH’s key role as a center of excellence in inventing, adapting, testing, and validating emerging concepts, formulation technologies, and product formats that optimize vaccine and pharmaceutical efficacy, stability, safety, and ease of use in developing countries.

Our portfolio of work in pharmaceutical sciences ranges from identifying and evaluating adjuvants and novel adjuvant formulations that may help to augment the breadth and magnitude of the vaccine immune response to landmark research on the technical and commercial feasibility of stabilizing vaccines and pharmaceutical products at temperatures that fall above or below the “standard” cold chain range (i.e., 2°C to 8°C). This site also explores our research and development in processing methods and innovative product formats that may further enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of vaccines and pharmaceuticals in low-resource settings.

PATH develops stable liquid flu formulation

Group of children in Vietnam. PATH/Molly Mort

In this Vaccine article, PATH and collaborators describe a liquid formulation of live attenuated seasonal influenza vaccine that is stable for one year at 2°C to 8°C. The thermostable formulation may decrease production and distribution costs and increase pandemic preparedness by expanding the use and accessibility of influenza vaccines in low-resource settings.

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