Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Formulation and Stabilization Technologies


Moving innovation technologies forward

PATH takes a distinctive, systematic approach to inventing, adapting, testing, and validating emerging concepts, technologies, and product formats that hold promise for improving health outcomes for the populations and public health programs we serve. To ensure effective and appropriate product development, we regularly collaborate with manufacturers, biotechnology firms, vaccine and drug development programs, and product development partnerships—helping to build capacity, share knowledge, leverage technical expertise, and achieve desirable results.

Our expertise

We are composed of technical and non-technical staff with expertise ranging from vaccine formulation, product development, and commercialization to health economics and public policy. Several of our scientists and technical staff have considerable industry experience. All are backed by the robust legal, contractual, and financial systems provided by PATH’s organizational structure. For more general information on our technical and project management capabilities, please visit the Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Technologies Group site »

Many of our research projects also leverage the expertise of scientific advisory boards or technical advisory groups, composed of external specialists in their fields, which regularly assemble to review research data and provide strategic input to our teams on technology evaluation, selection, and prioritization.

Onsite laboratory

Much of PATH’s work in pharmaceutical sciences is conducted in our multipurpose Biosafety Level 2 laboratory, which is equipped to produce liquid, lyophilized, and spray-dried vaccine and pharmaceutical products at preclinical and pilot scale. Our processing equipment includes a Buchi 290 Mini Spray Dryer that is installed inside an isolator in a low-humidity lab with high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) ceiling filter controls. Both the isolator and low-humidity labs are designed for powder processing and filling. In addition, the lab has a pilot-scale lyophilizer, a micro-osmometer, a differential scanning calorimeter, a Karl Fischer moisture analyzer, and a dynamic light scattering (DSL) instrument for particle sizing and the measuring of Zeta potential. We also have biophysical and biological assay equipment, relevant environmental chambers, incubators, and refrigerators, including -20°C and -70°C freezers, as well as many other devices that enable the characterization and testing of existing and novel vaccine and pharmaceutical product presentations.