Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Supply Systems and Equipment

Building stronger supply and logistics systems for global health

The safe and effective management and distribution of vaccines and essential medicines are vital elements of any successful health care program, but they can be difficult tasks in low-resource settings, especially as new products are introduced into already strained national supply chains.

This site highlights PATH’s work to develop and facilitate access to innovations that help to store, monitor, and transport vaccines and other essential medicines at appropriate temperatures, especially in low-resource settings. Our scope of work in vaccine and pharmaceutical supply systems and equipment ranges from the development of novel technologies to forward-thinking strategies that ensure that critically needed health care products reach beneficiaries at the right time and in the right condition.

Strategies to Prevent Vaccine Freezing video

Watch our strategies to Prevent Vaccine Freezing video.This 4-minute animated film emphasizes the difficulty and importance of maintaining proper temperatures in the vaccine cold chain. It also discusses the risks of exposing vaccines to freezing temperatures and a range of different approaches to reducing these risks. Watch the video on PATH’s YouTube channel.

News and highlights

IN THE NEWS: PBS NewsHour highlights the development, advancement, and public health impact of the vaccine vial monitor »

BLOG POST: More than 5 billion vaccine vial monitors procured since 1996 »

JOURNAL ARTICLE: Cost analyses of Benin’s Expanded Programme on Immunization supply chain included in assessment of supply chain redesign options »

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Visit the Vaccine Resource Library

PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library (VRL) contains key immunization resources in a single, easy-to-use website. The VRL offers links to scientific publications and high-quality, technical summaries on specific diseases and topics in immunization. To learn more, visit the VRL »

Visit TechNet-21

The Technical Network for Strengthening Immunization Services (TechNet-21) is an online forum for experts in the field of immunization to learn from each other, share experiences, coordinate activities, and discuss major global policy issues. It also provides a mechanism for involving immunization personnel at all levels in the development of optimal immunization policies. To learn more, visit the TechNet-21 website »

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