Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Supply Systems and Equipment

Project Optimize (2007 to 2013)

Supply systems for today and tomorrow

In 2007, project Optimize, a collaboration between the World Health Organization and PATH, was given a unique mandate: using the latest technological and scientific advances, define the ideal characteristics and specifications for health products and help create vaccine supply chains that are flexible and robust enough to handle an increasingly large and costly portfolio of vaccines.

Project Optimize focused on three interdependent objectives:

  • Stimulating innovation. Among a number of different activities advanced in an effort to re-energize existing organizations and collaborations focused on vaccine products and supply chain equipment, project Optimize worked through its membership on and contributions to the Vaccine and Presentation and Packaging Advisory Group to inform the generic preferred product profiles for vaccines destined for developing countries. Project Optimize also helped to refine assessment tools that have better enabled the measurement of progress in effective vaccine management in more than 66 countries. Visit our page on stimulating innovation to learn more »
  • Demonstrating good ideas. Many programs and countries have come up with their own solutions to supply chain problems. By collaborating with countries to demonstrate these solutions within new contexts and measuring results, project Optimize has helped to build a stronger evidence base for innovative technologies, systems, and policies related to vaccine supply and logistics systems. Visit our page on demonstrating good ideas to learn more »
  • Coordinating a global response. To make vaccine supply chain issues a top priority, as well as expand awareness of and access to potential solutions, project Optimize invited input from a variety of stakeholders in an effort to build consensus around a vision for the future. Visit our page on coordinating a global response to learn more »

Throughout, project Optimize also worked to develop a number of publications and resources on its key learnings and major research findings.