Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Supply Systems and Equipment

Presentation and packaging

Ensuring product appropriateness for low-resource settings

A number of product development efforts are underway to create new vaccines and essential medicines that address diseases in developing countries. To be effective, the products under development should be safe, efficacious, and affordable. They should help overcome—not exacerbate—the challenging technical constraints faced by health care programs in low-resource settings.

Reductions in product volume can ease burdens on cold chain capacity. Straightforward labeling and limited steps required for product preparation can improve efficiency, correct use, and safety. PATH works in a number of areas to help manufacturers and technology developers understand, design, and achieve these and other product attributes for health care needs in developing countries.

Our activities have included:

  • Participating in the Vaccine Presentation and Packaging Advisory Group (VPPAG), a forum for dialogue between agencies involved in public-sector delivery of vaccines and vaccine industry representatives. VPPAG works to reach consensus on product profile guidelines and specifications for vaccines that are in early stages of development. Visit our page on the VPPAG to learn more about our specific contributions »
  • Participating in the World Health Organization (WHO) Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (IPAC). IPAC supports and advises WHO on immunization practices, operational standards, tools, and technologies to strengthen and improve immunization programs.
  • Working with immunization program stakeholders throughout the world to collect data and feedback and to inform vaccine product presentation guidelines set by international agencies and other relevant decisions made by vaccine developers and donors.
  • Advancing research on novel primary containers and labels for vaccine and pharmaceutical packaging, helping to inform long-term decisions on labeling standards and the use of barcodes on individual vaccine vials or other health care products.

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