Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Technologies


Creative collaborations drive innovation and technology solutions

In collaboration with a variety of public- and private-sector stakeholders in the vaccine and pharmaceutical space, PATH strives to design, adapt, develop, and advance technologies that are appropriate and affordable—not just stopgaps but lasting, user-centered solutions. From technology ideation through to product introduction and commercialization, we have well-established processes for evaluating concepts and distinguishing those with the best chance of success, helping to ensure that they are technologically strong, marketable, and acceptable to developing-country health care programs.

We draw upon our robust global presence and network for determining ideal product attributes. We also involve end-users at all stages, from assessing needs and product usability to creating forward-thinking strategies, policies, guidelines, and programs that integrate with other local interventions and lead to sustainable improvements in immunization logistics and public health outcomes.

Commitment to public-private partnerships

Successful product development partnerships begin with the shared goal of improving global health, build on a respect for each partner’s contributions, and proceed after a skillful assessment of joint interests, capabilities, and opportunity costs. PATH’s experience and achievements show that successful public-private partnerships can significantly help to accelerate product development and access for low-resource populations—all the while preserving the commercial goals of our partners.

We believe it is possible to harness the power of markets for sustainable improvements in global health. Although public-sector support is indispensable for the development of global health technologies, it may not yield economically sustainable results. Conversely, market forces alone may be insufficient to meet the health needs of developing countries. To ensure the affordability and availability of new technologies, our teams abide by guidelines developed by PATH for working with the private sector, including approaches to managing intellectual property that serve both private and public interests.

Please contact us for more information on partnering with PATH in the development and advancement of vaccine and pharmaceutical technologies.

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