Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Technologies


Facilitative management to ensure effective and appropriate product development

PATH takes a distinctive, systematic approach to ensuring that the best vaccine and pharmaceutical technology solutions are advanced and that they are economically and commercially sustainable for the target populations we serve. At the same time, ongoing collaborations with biotechnology firms as well as vaccine and drug/pharmaceutical development projects and manufacturers deepen our understanding of commercial markets. Our strong field presence also grounds us in the diverse local needs and conditions surrounding technology uptake and use.

Key aspects of our work include:

  • Involving end-users at all stages of product design and development.
  • Advancing new technologies and/or adapting existing technologies to meet public health needs.
  • Conducting technical evaluations of formulation approaches, devices, and equipment in the PATH laboratory and product development shop and in the facilities of our collaborators.
  • Providing consultation to technology developers and manufacturers.
  • Carefully assessing the value of proposed technology approaches that are meaningful to all stakeholders, including those who influence or enable innovation and change in health care programs.
  • Defining market and product-introduction strategies.
  • Engaging with “gatekeeper” agencies to adjust policies and practices as needed.
  • Publishing our research findings and data as part of PATH’s commitment to technology global access.
  • Remaining objective and public health focused, with no vested interested in any particular technology.

Team expertise

Our technical and management capabilities reflect more than 30 years of experience in end-user needs assessment, original product design and adaption, bench and field testing, market analysis, licensing, technology transfer, manufacturing, product introduction, and scale-up of immunization-and pharmaceutical-related technologies. Our team includes:

  • Strategic advisors and project managers.
  • Scientists and laboratory technicians.
  • Policy, regulatory, commercialization, and business development experts.
  • Immunization and public health specialists.
  • Advocacy and communications specialists.
  • Clinical trial coordinators.
  • Health economists.
  • Product development engineers.

Many of our project teams also leverage the expertise of scientific advisory boards or technical advisory groups, composed of external specialists in their fields, which regularly assemble to review research data and provide strategic input to our teams on technology evaluation, selection, and prioritization.

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