Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Technologies

Onsite facilities

Key resources for inventing, adapting, testing, and validating promising concepts and technologies


Our technical bench teams conduct much of PATH’s work in pharmaceutical sciences in a multipurpose Biosafety Level 2 laboratory that is equipped to produce liquid, lyophilized, and spray-dried vaccine and pharmaceutical products at preclinical and pilot scale. Our processing equipment includes a Buchi 290 Mini Spray Dryer that is installed inside an isolator in a low-humidity lab with High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) and Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) ceiling filter controls. Both the isolator and low-humidity labs are designed for powder processing and filling. The PATH lab also has a pilot-scale lyophilizer, a Malvern particle sizer, a differential scanning calorimeter, a Karl Fischer moisture analyzer, a Zeta Sizer, a Micro-Osmometer, relevant environmental chambers, incubators, and refrigerators, including -20°C and -70°C refrigerators, as well as many other devices that enable the characterization and testing of existing and novel vaccine product presentations.

Product development shop

De novo product development is not always required to meet global health needs. If an existing product addresses a similar need in the industrialized world, our teams can work to adapt that product to meet the unique needs of low-resource settings. We also assess cost-efficient and affordable approaches to its manufacturing and distribution. If no such product or potential product developer exists, our product development shop is equipped to design or develop one.

PATH’s product development shop is divided into a machine shop, model shop, product and environmental testing bay, and microscopy laboratory. Testing is routinely completed on a variety of custom-programmed cycle and performance test fixtures, and data are collected via a data acquisition system for storage and analysis. Also included onsite are manual machining tools, vacuum and thermoforming equipment, a flat-bed laser cutter, casting and injection molding machine, electronics testing equipment, two Instron instruments for materials testing, and 4-axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools with parametric 3D solid modeling software, among other equipment that support and enable PATH’s longstanding work in vaccine and pharmaceutical technologies. PATH shop staff includes skilled engineers and technicians with expertise in sophisticated consumer and medical product design, engineering, development, fabrication, usability testing, and evaluation.