Air: PATH’s clean fuels project for improved health

The WHO estimates that 7 million people die every year as a result of air pollution, making it the world’s greatest environmental health risk. Of these deaths, 4.3 million are attributable to indoor air pollution from cooking fires. Moving beyond treating the illnesses that result from indoor air pollution, PATH has delved into solutions that will decrease exposure and reduce risk.

PATH’s focus on improving access to clean cooking fuel

Eliminating air pollution in homes is important for the prevention of childhood deaths from pneumonia. When people cook and heat their homes daily with biomass fuels such as coal, wood, and crop residue they release small particulates that lead to serious illness when inhaled continuously. PATH and our partners in Cambodia are developing a strategy to make liquid-petroleum gas, which produces virtually no emissions, available to low-income consumers. By streamlining the supply chain, providing consumer financing, and using direct marketing, we are helping families maintain a clean home environment and protect their families from disease. See fact sheet for more information.