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In November 2012, PATH announced the availability of a family of new water filters from multiple manufacturers. The new water filters have been designed to provide a breakthrough user experience for low-income consumers in developing countries, leveraging design guidelines developed by PATH through extensive field research and requiring no pipe connection or electricity. Key benefits include user-centered design, standardization, and affordability.

All of the products are standardized on the C1 Common Interface. This interface enables a device to accept any filter element (i.e., cartridge) that is also C1 compatible.

The C1 Common Interface creates a platform for innovation to benefit end-users and product innovators. For example, one partner has launched a new filter element representing a significant price-and-performance improvement for gravity-fed, ceramic filtration. Users will also enjoy more choice. The new family launches with three different devices and filter elements. The C1 Common Interface is available from PATH under a no cost license—allowing any company to utilize this platform to reach new customers.

This page provides a central place for PATH-created information on C1 Common Interface products.

Essential, practical information: PATH’s Guide to New Water Filters With the C1 Common Interface

PATH has prepared a comprehensive Guide to New Water Filters With the C1 Common Interface. This document includes product specifications, test results, advice on what to consider when comparing products, practical advice for procurement and import of products, and manufacturers’ contact details. It features products evaluated by PATH. This first edition of the guide was current as of November 2012.

Pricing, samples, and procurement of product

Interested parties should contact the manufacturers directly to obtain the latest pricing of products and, if interested, to request samples and/or purchase. Manufacturers’ contact details and important advice on procurement are included in the “Manufacturers, pricing, and procurement advice” section of the above-referenced Guide to New Water Filters With the C1 Common Interface. (Note: PATH is not a manufacturer or supplier of the new water filters—please review the disclaimer included at the bottom of this web page.)

Further developments after November 2012

Based on interest and additional licensees as of November 2012, PATH anticipates further new product launches from time to time, including products from new partners. Please note, updates to this page and associated PATH documents may significantly lag behind developments that occur after November 2012. The delay results from limited staff availability since the major grant that supported PATH’s effort on this initiative has expired. It is, therefore, recommended that interested parties also search the Internet for information.

Licensing the C1 Common Interface from PATH

A standard, no-cost license is easily available from PATH. Simply print the license, review, sign, and return a scanned electronic copy to PATH by email to newwaterfilters@path.org. Include “C1 Common Interface license request” in the subject line and the organization’s contact details in the message body. Within ten business days PATH will review the request, counter-sign the license, and respond with an email containing a copy of the fully-executed license and relevant engineering files. Please understand that the terms of the license are nonnegotiable.

Designing new water filters

This briefing paper tells the whole story behind PATH’s development of Household Water Treatment and Storage Design Guidelines, which are included below.

PATH developed design guidelines to help advance design of water filters for low-income households by providing benchmarks for product attributes and performance.

Detailed specifications are available; see Licensing the C1 Common Interface, above.

General resources

This November 2012 fact sheet provides a high-level overview of the products and their unique consumer benefits.

The Guide provides comprehensive information on featured products. The present edition was current as of November 2012.

This single-issue magazine highlights valuable nuggets of learning from PATH’s Safe Water Project, including from PATH’s effort to advance the C1 Common Interface and new products.

This section of PATH’s website features our work on household and community water issues.

Disclaimer: Products referred to on this page and in the documents it references are made and sold solely by the respective companies. PATH receives no consideration and makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the products or the technologies embodied therein.

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