The case for menstrual health:
Description: An informational flyer on PATH’s work to build awareness, commitment, and access to improved menstrual care
PATH’s menstrual health fact sheet

Menstrual Management and Sanitation Systems final report:
Description: To ensure successful integration of menstrual hygiene products with these promising sanitation systems, PATH, as a partner in the Menstrual Management and Sanitation Systems (MM&SS) project led by the University of Maryland, used case studies in South Africa and India to understand whether menstrual hygiene management should be an important consideration when planning these centrally-managed sanitation systems for the urban poor.
The following documents can either be accessed directly via the links below or are available upon request (nmuller@path.org).

-Final report
-Executive summary (South Africa)
-Executive summary (India)
-Appendix 1: Sanitation system types (South Africa)
Appendix 2: Menstrual hygiene product landscape
-Appendix 3: Menstrual hygiene product waste loading scenario
Appendix 4: Hybrid sanitary pad research findings
-Appendix 5: Understanding cultural taboos
-Appendix 6: Menstrual health and sanitation system stakeholders
-Appendix 7: Map of menstrual health and sanitation system contextual factors
Appendix 8: Key lessons for educational messages
-Appendix 9: Menstrual hygiene disposal decision tree

Menstrual management in communal sanitation facilities: recommendations to eThekwini Municipality
Description: Briefing paper presented at the 36th WEDC International Conference, Nakuru, Kenya, 2013
Briefing paper (Available on WEDC conference page)

WASH in Schools Empowers Girls’ Education: Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools Virtual Conference
Description: Proceedings of the Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools Virtual Conference 2013
Menstrual hygiene management practices in three high schools of eThekwini Municipality – An exploratory study (Available on UNICEF conference page)

Presentations/Blog posts

Managing menstruation in low-resource settings: are cups the key? (PATH blog)

How to manage menstruation – Photovoice – stories of women managing their menstruation through their voices (PATH blog)

Hygiene products to help girls stay in school: A PATH blog post (PATH blog)

Menstrual hygiene management practices in three high schools of eThekwini Municipality: An exploratory study (PPT)

Menstrual hygiene management in communal sanitation facilities: Recommendations to eThekwini Municipality (1,435 KB PPT)

Management and Sanitation Systems: Landscape analysis of menstrual hygiene products and a waste-loading model (1,278 KB PPT)


TEDxRainier event: Nancy Muller discusses the importance of safe, low-cost sanitary pads, and possible solutions for making them widely available in poor countries worldwide.
November 2010

Ignite Seattle event: Girls, Technology, and Blood presentation.
February 13, 2014

PATH’s Photovoice research: Women from Durban, South Africa describe their experience managing menstruation using their own photos and words.
September 2013

PATH’s Projecting Health project: In Uttar Pradesh, India, women and girls helped develop and produce short videos about menstrual health.
June 2015