Sanitation: PATH’s approach to improving sanitation through market-based solutions

Increasing uptake and sustained use of latrines is an important step in reducing diarrheal disease. PATH brings its expertise in user-centered design, commercialization, and improving health, to develop and validate aspirational, affordable, and scaleable latrines. Using a standardized production method, we designed a pre-case latrine to increase consistency and quality of production and contribute to economies of scale.

PATH’s sanitation projects

Sanitation Service Delivery Program in West Africa: The SSD product development team is tasked with identifying, developing, and refining a wide variety of sanitation products and services along the sanitation service chain that are appropriate for households, compounds, and public latrine blocks.

Rapido Latrine in Bihar, India: PATH’s work with Population Services International in India produced different latrine designs, one of which, the Rapido latrine, has been optimized for local manufacturing. The Rapido latrine uses simple, pre-cast concreate panels that are then easily assembled. We are exploring either replicating and/or adapting this design to other states in India, as well as appropriate contexts in West Africa and Central America. See a presentation outlining PATH’s sanitation work in Bihar, India here.