Water: PATH’s efforts to improve drinking water for households and communities

PATH has experience implementing market-based projects focused on distributing WASH-related consumer goods, including household water treatment to low-income consumers. These project integrate product development improvements with market-actor and system strengthening as well as demand and supply-side financing.

PATH’s water product development highlights

Water Filters: In November 2012, PATH announced the availability of a family of new water filters from multiple manufacturers. The new water filters have been designed to provide a breakthrough user experience for low-income consumers in development countries, leveraging design guidelines developed by PATH through extensive field research. These products utilize a standardized filter element that enables a device to accept a range of filters compatible with the product.

Design Guidelines for User-Centered Design for Low-Cost Production: Millions of people in developing countries lack access to safe drinking water. To foster the development of products that could help tackle this problem at the household level, PATH has created guidelines for designing and developing household devices for treating unsafe water and safely storing it for use. The guidelines provide evidence-based criteria to guide the development of effective, commercially viable products that meet or exceed user expectations for long-term use, and that provide benchmarks for product attributes and performance.

MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Maker: PATH and Mountain Safety Research (MSR) Global Health co-developed the MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Maker (SE200), a portable, affordable device that makes chlorine on demand with the push of a button for safe, drinkable water. With a team of in-country partners, PATH led numerous field tests of the SE200 in more than ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to refine the design and functionality of the product. In May 2015, MSR and PATH commercialized the product and it is now packaged as part of a kit.