Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Delivery Technologies

Disposable-syringe jet injectors for intradermal delivery

Needle-free methods

PATH has a long history of partnering with device developers to advance the research, development, and use of needle-free disposable-syringe jet injectors (DSJIs) for public health. In addition to exploring DSJIs for the delivery of vaccines and essential medicines through the intramuscular and subcutaneous routes, we have supported clinical research and other technical evaluations assessing the potential of DSJIs to intradermally deliver reduced doses of vaccines—in certain cases, up to 80 percent less vaccine than the standard dose.

Exploring the possibilities

PATH has focused for several years on potential ways to reduce the associated costs of and increase access to inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), which is a key strategic addition to oral poliovirus vaccine as global eradication of polio comes within reach. One promising tactic is intradermal (ID) delivery of a reduced dose of IPV using a DSJI. PATH has supported several clinical trials evaluating DSJI devices for IPV delivery, in addition to conducting economic analyses, device evaluations, and regulatory landscapes.

Recently, PATH commissioned a comprehensive report on the potential of dose-sparing and ID delivery to increase the availability of yellow fever vaccine globally. The potential benefits and challenges including associated costs are identified and discussed in the evaluation of dose sparing as a viable vaccine delivery strategy. The report also includes an assessment of immunization settings that would be most appropriate and to what extent novel ID delivery devices, such as DSJIs, could help programmatic implementation of dose sparing. Additional studies are underway to further assess DSJI devices as a reliable, cost-effective means of delivering vaccines and essential medicines intradermally. PATH is currently conducting a clinical trial in South Africa to evaluate the use of DSJIs for ID delivery of bacille Calmette-Guérin, a vaccine typically delivered intradermally with a needle and syringe to newborn infants to prevent tuberculosis.

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